Infallible medicinal benefits of neem tree

  1. The Neem Tree, the only one who gets the shadow of his branches in the way, is the neem tree that looks at all the time, the neem tree, which is standing on the streets, for many years, every small suffering of a human being for many years. This Neem Tree is standing by becoming a sanjivani, the smaller benefits of the name, the bigger the name, yes, it is very important to know how special the mango tree is, how special and useful it will be surprised to know how special it is.

    Neem is not just a tree but it is a whole medicine in itself. This is a tree whose part is very useful.

    Neem has been serving human society for thousands of years, they say when there was no vaidya, then neem was  let us know about this neem:

    Neem is a evergreen tree, also known as nimba and 'Arihant', its scientific name is azadirecta-Indica (Azadirachta Indica) or Melia Azadirachta. Neem has always been found in the countries of the Indian subcontinent, but for a half century, it has been reaching continents like Africa, America, Australia, and many tropical and sub-Tropical Tropical countries . the acceptance of neem miracles throughout the world.

    Neem is not only famous for medicinal elements but also known for drought resistance .There are more chemical arrangements, the base pillars of Ayurveda are two ancient texts ' Charaka Samhita ' and ' Sushruta Samhita ' to neem as "a medicine of million sorrows".

    Although its taste is bitter, its benefits and qualities are infinite. So let's know how much benefits our neem gives us, which we don't know about!

     Neem for the face

    1. Using Neem leaves in clean water to get rid of infection, acne and stain spots.

    2. at night, drown the cry in neem water and wipe your face with it, the nail, acne and the bushes will be clean.

    3. Using Neem leaves in water with Orange Peel will reduce the pinpal, old spots and blackaheads from the face.

    4. Burning Neem Bark and adding tulsi juice to the face reduces the spots and spots.

    5. Drinking neem leaves juice increases the face glow.
    Neem for hair:

    1. If the juice of the wrinkles is applied to the hair, then the shoes are finished.

    2. Applying Neem Paste into the hair ends the Russian

    3. The use of neem paste makes the hair soft and soft.

    4. Drinking neem leaves juice makes hair black, thick and shiny.

    5. Boil Neem and plum leaves in water and wash the hair (cold and cold) by using a few days, the hair will stop clash and remain black and strong.

    6. Neem Powder can be found in the hair and get rid of the problem of dandruff.

     Neem for blood-

    1. Neem Juice Uses Neem Juice to clean the deposits in your blood arteries.

    2. Neem leaves have blood purification and the skin is made to be bronze.

    Neem for the stomach-

    1. Due to neem leaves, harmful bacteria are destroyed only in the intestines.

    2. Neem Flowers and nibouries are kept away from eating the abdomen.

    3 drink the powder of the nibauri, half a teaspoon of the night with drinking water, the constipation is done by the use of a few days, and the intestines are strong.

    Neem for skin

    1. The wound of burning with the oil of the nibauri gets well soon.

    2. Before taking a bath, the body is a good cleaning of the body after a while taking a bath.

    3. Neem leaves destroy all the bacteria in your skin.

    4. by adding neem leaves in water, the smell of bad smell and smell is removed.

    5. The use of kapoor in neem oil has a sharp benefit in fusi and wound.

    6. Neem Lep is helpful in prevention of all types of skin diseases.

    7. Bullet made of Neem Chutney, swallowing with empty stomach honey in the morning and morning helps heal skin allergies. (don't eat anything until an hour later)

    8. Boil Neem and plum leaves in water (cold kar ke), helpful in prevention of skin diseases.
    9. This experiment treats the cooker and prevents the spread of the virus.

    10. Massage with neem oil helps in a variety of skin disorders.

    11. Soaked Neem leaves in water all night and take a bath in the morning by taking a bath in the morning |

    12. Neem Paste Benefits From Neem Paste, benefits in funsis

    13. for fode flowers you can also wear neem bark.

    14. Its bark is very useful in skin diseases.

    Neem for teeth-

    1. Neem Bark Juice is not able to grow teeth and gum bacteria, so that the teeth are healthy.

    2. Neem teeth and gums are strong, and the fear of getting keda in the teeth is far away,

    3. Neem's teeth stops smell from the mouth.

    4. Adding one part of neem juice and two parts sendha salt helps in the pain and pain of pain and pain.

    5. by boiling the neem leaf killes in water, the pain of the teeth will be cured.
    Neem for ears:

    Two parts of neem leaves juice and one portion of honey in the ear can benefit in ear disorders.

    Neem for eyes-

    1. by putting neem juice in the eyes, the congestivitis is cured.

    2. Applying Neem Juice and makoya juice with equal to the eyelids, the problem of red eyes is removed.

    3. Using Neem Juice as an eye drop, it increases the eye light.

    4. Neem Oil provides lab in bushes by putting under the eyes

    Neem for diseases-

    It is very useful in the treatment of cardiovascular disease, harpis, diabetes, Hepatitis (Pilia), cancer, allergies, ulcers, etc.

    1. Diabetes people have a lot of benefit from eating a pill of neem every day. It also causes insulin to produce insulin in the body.

    2. the qualities of fighting diabetes, bactiria and virus are found in Neem Extract.

    3. The Extract of Neem Stem, root, bark, and ninbouries benefit in miadi diseases.

    4. Its bark is very useful in malaria and skin diseases.

    5. It also works to destroy cancer-cells. Every body has cancer cells, but they are scattered everywhere. For an effect or reason, if these cells are united in your body, using neem everyday causes the cancer cells to control the cancer cells.

    6. Neem leaves chutney and drinking in a cup of water makes cholera cured.

    7. by mixing two parts of neem leaves and one part of honey, drinking is benefit in the drink,

    8. the seeds of the seeds of the nimbouries drink with the empty stomach of the stomach with light warm water benefits in the piles.

    9. by adding coriander powder and fennel powder in neem bark juice, it is quick benefit in malaria.
    10. Add the neem leaves to the patient by laying neem leaves, it will benefit.

     Neem for mouth or oral problems-

    1. Helps to remove the bacteria fighting properties, skin, etc.

    2. The drying with neem water ends the smell of the mouth, the smell of the mouth, etc.

    3. Neem teeth do not have mouth diseases.

    4. with the water of water, the whole mouth makes a good cleaning of the whole mouth.

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