Most corrupted government department in India

Most corrupted government department in India-

Corruption is a system of doing legal or illegal activities by taking bribe. The bribe is mostly taken by government bodies like police , IAS and PCS officers, judiciary , RTO deparments, income tax department and the politician. The politician do specially large scams in democracy like in india,pakistan and other democratic countries. The politician directly invole in such scams and their secretary also helps to achive the goal of corruption. If the 100% politician will be honest the graph of corruption automaticlly decrease. The following are the most corrupted bodies of government of India-

Corruption in India and Most corrupted government department in India

1-Political Department or Parties - Elect the honest candidate for MP ,MLA and other such type of post. If there happen any large scam the politician direct or indirectly invole in it. Politician also pressurise the police or any other investingating agency so in such case it is impossible to fair investigation in such type of scam.The politician play important role in corruption and scams. Any scheme that government launch for the Citizen of country , the goverment employees of that sector and politician get commission or their share ,so the quality of work affected by these type of corruption such as construction of national highways,hospital,parks and hospitals etc.

2-Public Works Department or PWD - PWD is a government body that is responsible for sesign, construction and maintenance government nonresidential buildings,railways,communications,energy,defense services ,airports and construction of road etc. This department have lot of corruption such as officers,engineers,contractor and agents play important role in corruption.PWD allies down to Gram panchayats.

3-Police department- The police department are too corrupted.The corruption start when someone get selected in police. The selection procedure have many steps like written exam,physical and medical test etc. The recuritors take bribe in case of written exam and medical test. In both stages candidate pay a large amount of money. When they got selected,they try to earn money whatever they paid during selection procedure. If they have not paid during recuritment process , they will also take bribe. The civil police do not even register FIR or complain without bribe. If someone is poor and go to register a valid complain against rich or politically powerful person. The police misbehave with poor people and do not regiter complain against them. If anyone pay the a large amount of money the police make illegal to legal and vice versa. Somtimes they do fake encounter for the sake of money and declare a innocent person as criminal. They beat and torture too much to a innocent person. Sometime innocent people accept the crime due to too much beating and torturing.No one is safe in jail also, there are many murders happend in jail and police do not know anything about it, how can such things happen inside jail without the help of police? They only work for money, the corrupted police take bribe from drivers, shopkeepers and other bussiness personals. They even take bribe from a shopkeepr who sell vegetables,fruits and other things along the road side. The police man are mentally corrupted also. The police misbehave, physically assault with girls and woman and some police man even do rape with the girls and women.They also do robbery when they are on duty at night.

4-Judiciary- In India and other democratic countries the judiciary are the most corrupted department. The judges do not want to hear the case ,they are just give the next date of hearing .The lawyer and the other staff take money from the poor people and extend the case for 30 years and more. Judges comes to do the launch and go back.They have no aim to solve the case of poor people. They only wants money if someone offer them too large amount of money the case get solved ,but it does not matter the specific case was wrong or right, the judges needs money. The Judges do not take bribe their own ,they have their candidate for such deals, in such cases sometimes layers also involed. Millions of cases are pending in lower courts,district courts, high court and supreme court but judge are serious to do hearing and give decision on the cases. The judges only hear the case that belong to stupidity or the case that belongs to powerful person or offer too much money.People need awarness in such cases and do protest and raise voice against such judges , officers and courts.

5-Revenue Departments- Revenue department are also corrupted. In rural areas they openly take bribe and do legal and illegal work. They get rich in very short period of time by taking bribe. If anyone get caught taking bribe they saved by their political god father with less punishment.

6-Regional Transport Officers or RTO- It is also too corrupted department of indian government. The RTO agents bussiness growing day by day. Agents take a good amount of bribe that also goes to the officers of RTO department. There is percentage distribution between agents and RTO officers. Without agents anyone can not directly get their driving license due to great deal between agents and RTO officers.

7- Education Department- Education department is also too corrupted. Anyone can get their educational degree without studying the subject or course. Teacher in schools do not teach the student and mostly absent. The teacher in government schools even do not have knowledge of basic maths operation like division,multiplication etc. This is due to they are selected by merit based on their acadamic marks.These theacher get pass their high school, intermideate and graduation by coping.They have no knowledge of their subjects.

8- Medical Department- Meidcal department also are corrupted.Most of the government doctor prescribe the medicine to their patients form out of hospitals when their are lot of alternative medicine available in hospitals. Hospitals employees or doctors also sell the medicine and other medical equipments or use on their own clinic. The doctor demond for money if anyone go for operation, but it should be free of cost in goverment hospitals because government also paying monthly salary to them.

The corruption are the root causes of all the problem. We should be honest and do our duty without taking bribe because goverment already paying the monthly salary , but our whole system are too corrupted and if anyone complain against corrupted people the related department and other department come in support of such corrupted employees.

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