Most corrupted government department in India

Most corrupted government department in India-

Corruption is a system of doing legal or illegal activities by taking bribe. The bribe is mostly taken by government bodies like police , IAS and PCS officers, judiciary , RTO deparments, income tax department and the politician. The politician do specially large scams in democracy like in india,pakistan and other democratic countries. The politician directly invole in such scams and their secretary also helps to achive the goal of corruption. If the 100% politician will be honest the graph of corruption automaticlly decrease. The following are the most corrupted bodies of government of India-

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What is the tropical evergreen forest?

Evergreen forests biome-

Evergreen forests are known as lungs of the Earth. This types of forests are known as lungs of earth because the density of trees in evergreen forests are too high that ‘s why the sun light cannot reach on the surface of the forests. Such types of forests do not drop their leaves in a specific period of time as like deciduous forests.

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