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Peyronie's Disease Information

Peyronies disease treatments, information and resources. Peyronies disease is a condition that affects approximately 5% of the male Australian population and can cause sexual issues, penile deformity and loss of confidence. Treatment for Peyronies disease largely consists of surgical procedures to correct penile curvature, however more specialists such as urologists are aware that penile traction therapy (PTT) is an alternative option to treat the disease. Jes Extender is a class 1 penile traction device and can help men with penile curvature through mechanical traction. Visit our website today to learn how you can treat penile curvature without the need for Peyronies surgery.

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leading provider of eye care in San Francisco LASIK

Dr. Gary Kawesch is the leading provider of eye care and LASIK in the San Francisco Bay Area. Other eye care offered includes Custom LASIK, Wavefront treatment, No-Blade LASIK, thin-flap LASIK, LASEK, PRK, implantable contact lenses, refractice lens exchange and more. Contact Laser Eye Center of Silicon Valley to schedule a free LASIK consultation.

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