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Title Suggestion to Gain Magical Dice with Up to 9% off runescape gold on Rsorder Sep.28-Oct.8
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Description With the new May's Quest Caravan (aka Quest Point Shop) released, you have a really good way to use the quest points. And along with 3 different reward tracks, you are able to gain some general rewards automatically from May once reaching certain quest point milestones with 6% off rs3 gold Until Sep.26 . Hi!Welcome to Join Rsorder Last Giveaway on Sept:Up to 9% off RS 2007 Gold/RS Gold with Code CRM15 as well as 2X loyalty points for Members Sept 28-Oct.8! Where can you find May's Quest Caravan? Near the champion's guild at the south-west of the Varrock lodestone, you can find the May’s Quest Caravan, hosted by May. And there are 3 different reward tracks for the shop, including: Armour & Weapon, Hub and Pet. You can choose to allocate your points to any of the tracks you want while you can reset your track progress once a week. Additionally, there will be certain one-time rewards unlocked automatically while reaching required quest points. What rewards can you get from the general reward track? Upon the general reward track, you will be awarded some rewards with certain quest points reached, such as: 100 quest points: Granting the second Philipe Carnillean lamp, an extra Slayer block and prefer slot and T1 Magical Dice (gaining 250,000 coins and a random easy Treasure Trails reward by rolling it). 200 quest points: Granting the 4th Philipe Carnillean lamp, an extra Slayer block and prefer slot, Rover and T2 Magical Dice (gaining 500,000 coins and a